Retirement of Edward W. Shippen, CPA

Edward W. Shippen, CPA has announced his retirement. Ed was the founding partner of The Firm of Shippen & Associates, PC. He has been practicing in Yuma, Arizona since he graduated from the University of Arizona in 1972. In August of 2016, Ed merged The Firm of Shippen & Associates, PC with Sunderman & Pope, CPA, PLLC to form Shippen, Pope & Associates, PLLC. Ed was the president of the Yuma County Chamber of Commerce in 2015 and his firm was named Chamber Member of the Year for 2013.

Below is Ed’s letter announcing his retirement:

Dear friends, clients, fellow accountants, and the wonderful staff at Shippen Pope and Associates, PLLC:

After much deliberation I have finally come to the realization that it is time for me to retire. At the end of January, I gave up my space in the office at 200 E 16th Street. I will not completely abandon my support to the staff, clients, or firm. I have agreed to continue to consult and support staff from home on a limited, “as needed,” basis. However, I will no longer be taking client meetings or be the lead accountant responsible for completing tax returns or projects.

I have been practicing in Yuma since I graduated from the University of Arizona in 1972. It has been a wonderful journey for well over 50 years. I have been blessed to have worked with wonderful bosses who mentored me. Once I started my own firm, I was blessed to have maintained exceptional staff who kept me out of trouble. Most importantly, I have maintained many great, loyal clients who have allowed us to assist them. Together we have grown Shippen, Pope and Associates, PLLC into one of the leading accounting firms in Yuma.

The most enjoyable part of my job has always been the close personal contact with my clients, friends, and fellow staff members.  Covid-19 is a serious virus that is forcing us all to limit personal face to face interactions, which has taken away a good portion of my enjoyment at work. That, coupled with my aging body, dictates that it is time for me to pass the torch to the great staff that I have been mentoring and helping prepare for this very moment.

I am very proud of our reputation and accomplishments and feel that I am leaving the firm in good hands.

Thank you for the opportunity of working with you!



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